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This is the first group of developmental activities provided. This is presented to the child once he settles down and establishes certain familiarity with the adult, the environment and other children. The EPL activities are familiar activities that the child has seen at home such as sweeping, pouring, spooning, buttoning, etc.,

These activities help the child to gain control in the co-ordination of his movement, develop social awareness, confidence, independence, environment care, and to develop concentration. Here, the child becomes truly constructive with the regard to the environment and foster the development of the child itself by being creative within.

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These activities are performed along with the above mention activity to utilize their senses. This activity helps the child to become conscious of the various physical properties of the matter with the help of indulging in various senses. This helps the child to develop, the sense of dimensions, color, concepts, shades, shapes, weight, sound and texture, to name a few.

Through work with the sensorial materials, the child is given the keys to classifying the things around him, which leads to the child making his own experiences in his environment.

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The child needs to become aware of its language since the language forms a vital aspect of the environment it lives in, to communicate. The child observes its surroundings and tries to speak without any consciousness about it. The child is introduced to language through meaningful conversations supplementing with other allied exercises, to help the child develop vocabulary in a gradual manner.

The child is also introduced to phonetics, which is analyzing the sound through the words.Hence, both the above mentioned activities help the child to prepare for reading and writing spontaneously, at its own pace.

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Arithmetic is all round the young child from day one. How old are you? In one hour you will go to school? You were born on the 2nd. The children go from concrete understanding of mathematics to abstract understanding of the same via various concepts, like knowing the difference between decimals. It is one of the most abstract concepts that the human mind has encountered. No physical aspect of objects can even suggest the idea of number.

The concept of squares, cubes, numbers, quantities, symbols and the significance of zero are included using Montessori materials. The number system which has been created over thousands of years is an abstract inventor. It began with the realization of one and then more than one. It is marvelous to see the readiness of the child’s understandings of this same concept.

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Dr. Montessori observed that children eagerly absorb difficult concepts if they are presented in a concrete form. Montessori education introduces science, geography, history, art, craft, and music for children between the ages of three and six in a practical and exciting way.

These cultural subjects are offered for the child’s own development. The child needs all the items of human culture for his own self development and self culture.